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Looking southbound at Inwood, June 2, 2007

Named For Leslie A. Stemmons (1876-1939)
Civic leader, instrumental in the construction of the Trinity River levees, chairman of the Dallas Levee Improvement District, leader in the development of the Trinity River Industrial District
Named Nov 9, 1954, by Dallas City Council
Previous designation US 77
First section open August 3, 1959 (Dallas)
1953 (Denton County)
CompleteAugust 15, 1963
Future work Expansion all the way to Denton
Max traffic Count278,000 (2005, just north of downtown)
Quick infoLower Stemmons was DFW's first modern, large-sized freeway when it opened in 1959. 50 years later it remains DFW's widest freeway for a sustained distance. Stemmons Freeway has 1960s design written all over it, with most of the freeway still in its originally-constructed configuration. A much-needed modernization and widening is planned. We could see activity north of LBJ soon due to the NTTA payout, but work on Lower Stemmons could be in the distant future. (Dec 1, 2007)

The complete history of I-35E North, Stemmons Freeway, will be added in the future.