I-30 West Freeway
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These views start west of Fort Worth and proceed eastbound to downtown Fort Worth
1. Driving eastbound on Interstate 20 with the start of Interstate 30 just ahead. (13-May-2007)

2. Entering the freeway at Chapel Creek (29-April-2007)

3. Approaching Interstate 820 (29-April-2007)

4. High resolution The Interstate 820 interchange is a four-level design (29-April-2007)

5. (29-April-2007)

6. East of Interstate 820 (29-April-2007)

7. Approaching route 183 (29-April-2007)

8. (29-April-2007)

9. At SH 183 (29-April-2007)

10. At Ridgemar. The overpass is the original construction. (29-April-2007)

11. At Horne. This section through west Fort Worth has been reconstructed and expanded. I will pinpoint the date of this work when I complete the freeway history, but most of the construction was done in the early to mid 1980s. (29-April-2007)

12. At Merrick (29-April-2007)

13. Approaching Hulen (29-April-2007)

14. At Hulen (29-April-2007)

15. At Ashland (29-April-2007)

16. High resolution Approaching Montgomery (29-April-2007)

17. At Montgomery (29-April-2007)

18. At Rosedale. Here the freeway narrows to six lanes (three each way) and is still in its original general configuration. (It is possible two lanes were added since the original construction.) (29-April-2007)

19. At Forest Park (29-April-2007)

20. Proceeding eastbound, east of University (29-April-2007)

21. Now we are in downtown, on a section of freeway which was opened in the early 2000s. This section replaced the Lancaster Elevated freeway, which was subsequently demolished. (29-April-2007)

22. High resolution Approaching Interstate 35W. (29-April-2007)

23. In the I-35W interchange (29-April-2007)

24. (29-April-2007)