I-35E R.L. Thornton Freeway South
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1. This freeway is the south R.L. Thornton Freeway, named after the former mayor of Dallas. (29-April-2007)

2. High resolution The Trinity floodway bridge. The northbound main lanes were placed on the original Cadiz Street viaduct which predated the construction of I-35E in 1959. The old-style bridge design is visible in this photo. (27-Oct-2007)

3. High resolution Looking northbound, with the northbound lanes on the right and the southbound lanes on the left. (27-Oct-2007)

4. At Colorado, just south of the Trinity, this view shows that the original bridge has been widened. (27-Oct-2007)

5. High resolution Looking north at 8th Street. From downtown to I-20 the freeway is in its originally-constructed configuration except for the center HOV lane which was built on the original median shoulders. (27-Oct-2007)

6. High resolution Looking north at Ewing (27-Oct-2007)

7. High resolution Looking south from Ewing.The giraffe sculpture on the left is part of the Dallas Zoo. (29-April-2007)

8. High resolution Looking north at Marsalis, with another view of the giraffe. (27-Oct-2007)

9. High resolution Looking north at Louisiana (27-Oct-2007)

10. High resolution Looking north at Illinois (29-April-2007)

11. High resolution Looking north at Laureland (27-Oct-2007)

12. High resolution Looking north at Kirnwood. (29-April-2007)

13. High resolution The interchange at I-20, which opened in January 1974 (29-April-2007)

14. High resolution Looking north along the I-35E northbound frontage road, which penetrates through the interchange. (29-April-2007)

15. (29-April-2007)

16. High resolution South of the I-20 interchange, looking north. I-35E has been reconstructed and widened south of I-20. The main lanes from I-20 to Belt Line were completed in November 2004, and construction is in progress south of Belt Line as of 2007. (29-April-2007)

17. Looking north at Pleasant Run (29-April-2007)

18. High resolution (29-April-2007)

19. Widening and reconstruction in progress at Bear Creek Road. (29-April-2007)