I-45 Julius Schepps Freeway
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These images start south of Dallas and proceed northbound toward downtown.
1. (15-Apr-2007)

2. High resolution Looking northbound at Mars Road (15-Apr-2007)

3. High resolution Looking northbound along the northbound frontage road at Pleasant Run. The frontage roads were not rebuilt during the reconstruction in the late 1990s-early 2000s (15-Apr-2007)

4. High resolution Looking northbound at Fulghum road (15-Apr-2007)

5. Along the west side of the freeway at Fulgum road is the Union Pacific Intermodal Terminal. It is more than a mile long. (15-Apr-2007)

6. The intermodal terminal handles transfers of containers from trains to trucks. This view looks from an overpass over I-45, with the southbound frontage road in the lower part of the photo. (15-Apr-2007)

7. High resolution Another view of the intermodal terminal (15-Apr-2007)

8. Looking northbound at Wintergreen (15-Apr-2007)

9. I-45 passes through Hutchins just south of I-20. This is at Dowdy Ferry Road. (15-Apr-2007)

10. High resolution The interchange at I-20. This interchange was opened on October 5, 1973. (15-Apr-2007)

11. High resolution Another view of the interchange at I-20 (15-Apr-2007)

12. High resolution Looking north at Loop 12. (8-Apr-2007)

13. Southbound traffic is Houston-bound. This view shows signage looking west along Loop 12. (8-Apr-2007)

14. High resolution Looking northbound from a pedestrian overpass north of Lamar Street. This area was a lightning rod for controversy and community opposition during the planning of the freeway in the early 1970s. The area is low-income and predominantly black. (20-Oct-2007)

15. Graffiti on the pedestrian overpass. This area qualifies as a "hood". (8-April-2007)

16. Abandoned home along the freeway. (8-April-2007)