Construction, SH 121 to US 380
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Page last updated or reviewed: Created Nov 1, 2007; last updated Feb 5, 2018 (review)
This section opened to traffic on September 29, 2007. There are long-term plans to extend the toll road northward, but as of 2018 the extension is not scheduled and is not imminent.
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Looking south toward SH 121. The open section over SH 121 can be seen ahead. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
2015 Photo status: Partially obsolete A five-level interchange was built ahead at the SH 121 (Sam Rayburn Turpike) intersection opening in 2011.
Looking south at Warren (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
The underpass at Warren (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
South of Lebanon (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Closure at Lebanon Road for the overpass construction (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Construction at Lebanon (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Looking north at Lebanon (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Looking north at Stonebrook (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
This photo from April 2005 shows construction just getting started. The piers are for the overpass at the railroad south of Main Street. (Photo date: 2-April-2005)
Frisco City Hall was under construction in April 2005, just east of the tollway. (Photo date: 2-April-2005)
Concrete work in progress north of Main Street. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Concrete batch plant north of Main Street (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Location of the main toll plaza (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
Just north of the toll plaza location, only the east side frontage road was open and it had two-way traffic. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
North of El Dorado (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
(Photo date: 2-June-2007)
As the tollway gets closer to State Highway 380, it veers to the east and then veers back to the north. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
South of highway 380 (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
The tollway ends at highway 380. This view looks south from just north of 380. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
This is the two-lane country road which continues north from the tollway terminus. Someday, this will be a toll road. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)