Dallas-Fort Worth has one of the world’s most extensive urban freeway systems. It is the product of the pro-growth ambition of political and business leaders, and has empowered the ambition of real estate developers, big business, the technology industry and entrepreneurs. The North Texas cultural spirit to think big and build big has guided the ongoing growth and expansion of Dallas-Fort Worth freeways, a transportation system which has propelled North Texas to be among the most economically successful regions in the United States in the post-World War II era. Dallas-Fort Worth Freeways documents the origins, politics, influence and resulting urban landscape of North Texas freeways.
The Dallas Morning News reports on Dallas-Fort Worth Freeways   May 17, 2014
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Dallas-Fort Worth Freeways receives the 2013 ASCE History and Heritage Award. (hover over)
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Cover, Contents and Foreword
8 pages
Putting North Texas Style into Freeway Openings and Celebrations
42 pages
Huge parties, crazy stunts and big-name politicians celebrated North Texas freeways
Planning, Controversy and Cancellations
32 pages
A ranking of the top freeway controversies, the long list of canceled freeways
Central Expressway, the Original
43 pages
The first freeway in North Texas. See the original 1940s-era freeway and the origins of technology in the corridor
Central Expressway, the Modern Freeway
30 pages
The huge controversy, the High Five, the Telecom Corridor and today's distinctive freeway
Stemmons Freeway and the John F. Kennedy Assassination
31 pages
See the Stemmons Freeway photos and solve the mystery of the Stemmons Freeway sign in Dealey Plaza.
Dallas Freeways
166 pages
Stemmons, LBJ, Thornton Freeway, Woodall Rodgers, the toll roads and the rest of the Dallas Freeways
Freeway Adventures in Dallas
24 pages
In 1970 a highly distinctive and unusual freeway safety film narrated by Mel Blanc was produced
Texas Stadium Freeways
22 pages
More closely surrounded by freeways than any other stadium in history. See the origins, great moments, freeway history and implosion.
Tom Landry Highway
29 pages
Originally the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike, home of North Texas stadiums and Six Flags Over Texas
Mid-Cities Freeways
45 pages
SH 114 and the Delta 191 crash, Las Colinas, the original North Texas freeway tunnel
Fort Worth Freeways
67 pages
Freeway histories, the Lancaster Elevated controversy, the life and death of the downtown freeway loop
Index, About the Author
10 pages
Freeway Art and Cartoons
12 images
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SH 114 and the Delta 191 Crash, August 2, 1985
8 pages
Texas Stadium Implosion, April 10, 2010
6 pages
International Parkway and the Concorde at DFW Airport
5 pages
Tom Landry Highway: the Stadiums of Arlington
5 pages
Tom Landry Highway: Six Flags Over Texas
5 pages
JFK Assassination and Stemmons Freeway: the Freeway Photos
7 pages
JFK Assassination and Stemmons Freeway: the Freeway Signs in Dealey Plaza
19 pages
JFK Assassination and Stemmons Freeway: the Stemmons Freeway Sign and the Zapruder Film
4 pages
Central Expressway, Technology and the Telecom Corridor
15 pages
Controversy, includes a ranking of top controversies
6 pages
Canceled Freeways
6 pages
The Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike, 1957-1977
14 pages
Stemmons Freeway, Interstate 35E North
21 pages
LBJ Freeway, Interstate 635
13 pages
Dallas North Tollway
15 pages
Woodall Rodgers Freeway, Spur 366
16 pages
Bush Turnpike, SH 190 and SH 161
17 pages
Trinity Parkway
12 pages
Interstate 30 East, the R.L. Thornton Freeway
12 pages
US 175, C.F. Hawn and S.M. Wright Freeways
8 pages
The Cookie-Cutter Interchanges
8 pages
SH 114 Carpenter Freeway and Las Colinas
8 pages
SH 183 Airport Freeway
12 pages
Fort Worth Mixmaster
2 pages
Fort Worth Lancaster Elevated Controversy
12 pages
Fort Worth Interstate 30, the West Freeway
7 pages
Fort Worth Interstate 20 and Loop 820
8 pages
Fort Worth Interstate 35W South, the South Freeway
7 pages
Fort Worth, the Life and Death of the Downtown Freeway Loop
6 pages
SH 121 at IH 35E, Lewisville, January 15, 2012
Oscar Slotboom (known as "Erik" in Houston)
Occupation: web and software development, mainly C#, ASP.Net MVC 4, ASP.Net, Javascript-JQuery-JQuery Mobile, SQL Server
Born 1967, Houston
Sharpstown High School, Houston, 1985
BSME Texas A&M 1989, MSME UT-Austin 1990
Previous Publication: Houston Freeways

I was born and raised in Houston, and I first moved to Dallas in 1987 as an engineering co-op student with Texas Instruments. My first North Texas residence was an apartment near Lovers Lane and Central Expressway, which of course was the original Central Expressway back then. My second co-op assignment was in McKinney, a far north suburb of Dallas, at the TI factory which is now owned by Raytheon.

After graduating from UT-Austin in summer 1990 I decided to return to North Texas and I took a job at MCI (now Verizon) in the Telecom Corridor, near Central Expressway and Campbell. There was a big layoff at the end of the year, so that was the end of the MCI job. I went back to Houston and worked in the energy industry as a project engineer until 1997 when I moved to Austin and began working in web and software development. That went well until the high-tech bust of 2001 when most software-related jobs including mine disappeared. I used the downtime in 2002 and 2003 to write my first book, Houston Freeways. I originally envisioned writing the North Texas freeway book as a companion to the Houston book, but due to the high cost and huge effort required to write the Houston book I put the North Texas freeway book on hold.

In 2004 I was able to move back to North Texas, returning to web and software development. I began working on the Dallas-Fort Worth Freeways book, making slow progress for five years until 2009 when I started devoting virtually all my spare time to the book. Progress remained slower than I hoped due to the high cost and expansive subject, but finally, after all these years, the book is nearly ready.

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Oscar Slotboom (left) receives the 2013 ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Texas Section History and Heritage award for Dallas-Fort Worth Freeways. ASCE Texas Section President John Furlong presented the award.