Southwest Airlines Billboards for the Wright Amendment Expiration
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Page last updated or reviewed: Created November 15, 2015
The Wright Amendment restricted flights at Love Field airport, and its expiration on October 13, 2014, was cause for celebration by Southwest Airlines and the North Texas traveling public. In the year leading up the expiration, Southwest Airlines heavily promoted the new flight offerings with billboards along Mockingbird Lane.
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The billboard at the Shell station on the southeast corner of Mockingbird and Cedar Springs was updated weekly with the number of weeks remaining until the expiration date. (Photo date: 28-November-2013)
(Photo date: 11-January-2014)
(Photo date: 30-March-2014)
(Photo date: 5-October-2015)
(Photo date: 11-October-2014)
High resolution This view looks northeast along Mockingbird with three billboards visible. The countdown billboard was on the right. (Photo date: 28-November-2013)
(Photo date: 28-November-2013)
(Photo date: 28-November-2013)
(Photo date: 28-November-2013)
In anticipation of the expiration, a new concourse with gates was built at Love Field. Other parts of the airport also received improvements. (Photo date: 28-November-2013)
The main airport entrance, Cedar Springs at Mockingbird. (Photo date: 28-November-2013)
This billboard was along Mockingbird near Harry Hines. (Photo date: 28-November-2013)
(Photo date: 11-January-2014)