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Page last updated or reviewed: Created November 1, 2007. Last updated February 5, 2018 (review and update captions)
2018 status: There have been minor changes since these photos were taken. Between downtown and LBJ Freeway (IH 635), the concrete median barrier was replaced in 2017-2018. In the Addison area some auxiliary lanes have been added between Belt Line Road and Bush Turnpike.
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Northbound on I-35E just north of downtown, approaching the Dallas North Tollway exit (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
About to exit (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
The ramp has a tight radius curve. Low speed is advised. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Reconstruction of the tollway was in progress from the tollway start to the toll plaza. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
(Photo date: 15-April-2007)
The main toll plaza. There was no cash collection during construction. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Going northbound to I-635, the Dallas North Tollway has very little variety and basically looks the same along the entire section. The corridor is narrow, 100 feet wide, corresponding to the width of the Cotton Belt railroad corridor which was used for the tollway right-of-way. The tollway drops below grade level for all intersections except three and noise barriers line the corridor for most of the distance. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Nearly all intersections look like this, with the tollway going beneath the cross street. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
At Mockingbird. This is a busy exit. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
(Photo date: 15-April-2007)
At University (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
On the Lovers Lane overpass, one of only three overpasses on the original tollway (the others are Forest and Harvest Hill). (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Approaching Loop 12 (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
There is a cluster of mid-rise structures at Loop 12/Northwest Highway. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
North of Loop 12/Northwest Highway. If you look along the right shoulder you can see storm sewer inlets immediately alongside the main lane on the curb. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
This is a closer view of the storm sewer inlets that are found along the right main lane of most of this section of tollway. This is obviously a substandard design, but it was included in the tollway section north of LBJ built in the 1980s! The North Texas Turnpike Authority, owner of the toll road, has left the sewer inlets in place during its improvements over the years. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Walnut Hill (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
A maintenance area is on the left. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
The Royal exit is just ahead. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
At Royal. The Galleria complex and nearby office towers are now visible in the distance. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
There is a high voltage corridor along the west side of the tollway at this location. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
The Interstate 635/LBJ Freeway interchange is just ahead. It is a cloverleaf interchange. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
(Photo date: 15-April-2007)
(Photo date: 15-April-2007)
2015 Photo status: Modified I-635 was widened for the LBJ Express project, completed in 2015. The appearance of the widened overpass is very similar to the original overpass shown here.
The Westin Hotel is on the right. Just north of LBJ Freeway, the freeway leaves the corridor of the former Cotton Belt railroad. Even though section ahead is relatively new (opened in 1986), the corridor is still extremely narrow. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Office structures encroach up to the edge of the frontage roads. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
On the Spring Valley overpass. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
I lived on the east side of the tollway in this area from 2004 to 2010. In 2014 I lived further north at Trinity Mills Road. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
North of the toll plaza near Keller Springs (Photo date: 3-June-2007)
At the Frankford exit. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
2018 Photo status: Modified In 2017 the right shoulder was converted to a traffic lane.
The Bush Turnpike is just ahead. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
2018 Photo status: Modified In 2017 the right shoulder was converted to a traffic lane.
(Photo date: 3-June-2007)
At the Bush Turpike interchange. (Photo date: 2-June-2007)
(Photo date: 2-June-2007)