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High resolution This undated view of the Dallas North Tollway looking north at Texas 121 appears to have been taken in the late 1990s. The interchange footprint was expanded in a project in the early 2000s, and the tollway main lanes over Texas 121 opened in 2004. A five-level interchange was completed in November 2011. This location became a favored area for corporate relocations in the 2010s, with Toyota USA, Fedex Office and Liberty Mutual insurance all building major offices as of 2015. (Photo date: photo courtesy of the North Texas Turnpike Authority.)
Addison Airport was officially opened on October 18, 1957, half a mile west of the present-day Dallas North Tollway. This report is from Dallas magazine.
This advertisement for Addison Airport appeared in Dallas magazine in November 1959. Note that there was originally an east-west runway at the north end of the airfield.