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Page last updated or reviewed: Created September 23, 2007. Reviewed February 8, 2018.
2018 status: Changes since the photos were taken are minimal, and these photos are still accurate.
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High resolution East of Interstate 30, looking east (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Looking east, west of Markum Ranch Road (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution West of Markum Ranch road (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Downtown Fort Worth is visible in the distance (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Alongside the eastbound lanes (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
There are two or three unused overpasses over I-20, inaccessible by vehicle. I parked on the main lanes shoulder and walked up to this overpass. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Approaching Interstate 820 (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Looking east toward the Interstate 820 interchange. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)