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Page last updated or reviewed: January 29, 2018 (update for project completion)
The Horeseshoe Project, completed in late 2017, rebuilt and expanded the downtown Mixmaster interchange between I-30 and I-35, including rebuilding and expanding the Trinity River bridges for both freeways. These photos show construction of the the new bridge for I-30, called the Margaret McDermott Bridge.
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The foundation of the abutment for west end of the south arch. (Photo date: 21-June-2014)
This big custom form was used for southwest abutment. (Photo date: 20-July-2014)
High resolution Another view of the abutment form. (Photo date: 20-July-2014)
High resolution The arch abutment is done in this photo and a temporary bridge was being built on the right for equipment which would be used for the arch construction. (Photo date: 18-October-2014)
On the main span for vehicles, beams were positioned with a gap between adjacent sections. (Photo date: 18-October-2014)
Another view of the gap between the beams. There was no visible load-bearing connection, so I'm not sure how the shear force was transferred. (Photo date: 18-October-2014)
The gap was filled with concrete and sealed around the edges. (Photo date: 18-October-2014)
The completed arch abutment on the northeast side. (Photo date: 8-Feb-2015)
The first section of arch is in position at the southwest side. (Photo date: 8-Feb-2015)
Piers for the interchange at I-35E. (Photo date: 8-Feb-2015)
Looking north on the west side. (Photo date: 14-Feb-2015)
High resolution This view looks east-northeast, showing the arch construction on the southeast side.
(Photo date: 28-March-2015)
High resolution Looking northeast. (Photo date: 3-May-2015)
High resolution (Photo date: 3-May-2015)
High resolution Looking north. (Photo date: 3-May-2015)
High resolution The flooding of May 2015 inundated the Trinity River floodway and flooded the construction zone. (Photo date: 27-May-2015)
High resolution Driving westbound on I-30 through the Mixmaster construction zone. (Photo date: March 25, 2016)
Driving westbound on the original Trinity River Bridge. Traffic was shifted off this bridge by June 2016. (Photo date: 25-March-2016)
High resolution Looking north, with the north side arch more than 50% complete. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
High resolution . (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
High resolution On July 3, 2016, the original bridge was abandoned and was in the process of being demolished. This view looks west. (Photo date: July 3, 2016)
(Photo date: 3-July-2016)
High resolution Another view of the abandoned original bridge looking west, which was in the process of being demolished. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
High resolution This view looks east from the west end. The eastbound original structure was in the immediate foreground prior to being demolished. The original westbound structure is still in place. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
High resolution Looking east along the original westbound structure. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
High resolution Another view looking east along the original westbound structure. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
Piers for the interchange ramp on the east side of the bridge. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
Interstate 30 bridges over Riverfront Boulevard. (Photo date: 19-Nov-2016)
Driving westbound on the Interstate 30 bridge. (Photo date: 19-Nov-2016)
Approaching the bridge going eastbound. (Photo date: 19-Nov-2016)