I-35 at SH 121, Construction of New Direct Connection Ramps
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Page last updated or reviewed: July 19, 2016
Four direct connection ramps are being added at SH 121, the Sam Rayburn Tollway. The new ramps are part of the $1.4 billion project to improve I-35E between I-635 and Denton, scheduled for completion in 2017.
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Three restaurants were displaced on the northeast corner of I-35E and SH 121. This view looking northeast along the northbound I-35E frontage road shows the Abuelo's Mexican restaurant and Frankie's sports bar. All three restaurants were cleared in 2015. (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
A closer view of Abuelo's, "Mexican Food Embassy". (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
Frankies sports bar was the next restaurant going north. (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
North of Frankie's there was a section of parking lot before Mimi's Cafe. (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
Notification on the entrance of Mimi's. (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
Footing for the connection ramp from southbound/westbound SH 121 to northbound I-35E. (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
Footings for the connection ramp from southbound/westbound SH 121 to northbound I-35E, with an overhead sign for I-35E visibile in the background. (Photo date: 27-November-2014)
This September 5, 2015, view looks south toward the interchange. The restaurants were cleared, but the sign for Frankie's was still in place. (Photo date: 5-September-2015)
(Photo date: 5-September-2015)
(Photo date: 5-September-2015)
This view shows the substantial progress on the ramp closer to SH 121, with piers and beams in position. (Photo date: 5-September-2015)
This March 2016 view looking northwest shows the pier for the new ramp from southbound I-35E to eastbound SH 121. (Photo date: 26-March-2016)
Another view of the new pier (Photo date: 26-March-2016)
This view looks west along SH 121. In foreground is a form for a pier for the SH 121 eastbound to I-35E northbound ramp. Further back in the distance are piers for the ramp fro I-35E northbound to SH 121 westbound. (Photo date: 26-March-2016)
This view looks west along SH 121 on the southwest side of the interchange, showing progress on the ramp from SH 121 eastbound to I-35E northbound. (Photo date: 26-March-2016)
Piers on the northwest side of the interchange. (Photo date: 26-March-2016)
High resolution Looking south, from the northside of the interchange. The pier is for the eastbound SH 121 to northbound IH-35E ramp. (Photo date: 2-July-2016)
High resolution The northbound IH-35E frontage road is in the foreground. (Photo date: 2-July-2016)
High resolution (Photo date: 2-July-2016)
High resolution Looking southwest (Photo date: 2-July-2016)
High resolution (Photo date: 2-July-2016)
These are ramps to northbound IH-35E. (Photo date: 2-July-2016)
Near the center of the interchange, a form was in place for a pier. (Photo date: 2-July-2016)