I-35 at Belt Line Road, January 2015
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Page last updated or reviewed: created April 13, 2015, last updated December 19, 2021
This view shows work on phase 1 of the expansion at Belt Line Road, which was completed in 2017. The frontage roads were raised above the railroad tracks, and the IH-35 main lanes are elevated above the frontage roads. In July 2021 a $655 million contract was awarded for the second (and final) phase of the IH-35 expansion between IH-635 and the Bush Turnpike. The freeway will be widened to 8 main lanes (four each way) and at least one managed lane in each direction. At Belt Line, the structure will be widened to accoommodate additional lanes.
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Looking northbound across Belt Line Road. (Photo date: 18-January-2015)
This footing in the foreground is for the southbound frontage road, which will be elevated. (Photo date: 18-January-2015)
Piers south of Belt Line (Photo date: 18-January-2015)
Piers south of Belt Line (Photo date: 18-January-2015)
Looking northbound along the southbound frontage road. (Photo date: 18-January-2015)
The debris in the foreground is from a warehouse-style structure that was cleared for the project. (Photo date: 18-January-2015)