Drivers Views, northbound from Belt Line to Lewisville
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The expansion project in this section was nearly complete in September 2017. All main lanes are open, but the interchange at SH 121 (Rayburn Tollway) was not yet fully operational. The expansion project created two reversible HOT lanes, added collector-distributor lanes between Bush Turnpike and SH 121, and added two general purpose lanes north of SH 121.
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Approaching Belt Line Road (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
High resolution At the Bush Turnpike/SH 190 (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
Between the Bush Turnpike and Rayburn Turnpike/SH 121. The collector-distributor lanes are on the right. (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
High resolution Approaching the interchange at the Sam Rayburn Turnpike/SH 121. (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
High resolution The south half (in the near foreground) of this interchange was completed in 2006, and the north half was nearing completion at the time of this photo. (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
High resolution (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
(Photo date: 4-September-2017)
High resolution The new ramps on the north side of the interchange feature long elevated sections. (Photo date: 4-September-2017)
In Lewisville approaching Valley Ridge (Photo date: 4-September-2017)