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Page last updated or reviewed: September 29, 2021 (created)
At the time of these photos, the project had made substantial progress toward its planned 2022 completion. These views are going northbound from Illinois Avenue to East Eighth Street.
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Approaching Illinois Avenue. All traffic is on the side of the northbound lanes, which has completed pavement. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At Illinois Avenue. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At West Louisiana Avenue (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
Approaching Cedar Creek (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
Approaching Cedar Creek, with bridge construction for the southbound lanes visible on the left. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
Approaching the curve at Beckley (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
North of Beckley. Just ahead, traffic shifts to the southbound side. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At Marsalis. The park above the freeway will be between Marsalis and the next crossing, Ewing. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At Marsalis. The northbound lanes are still on original pavement (which was the southbound lanes), and the southbound lanes are in their final position on final pavement much lower on the left. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At Ewing. The first beams for the deck above the freeway are in place on the right. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
North of Ewing (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At 10th Street (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
At Eighth Street (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)