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Valley Mall, opened in 1973 at the northwest corner of LBJ Freeway and Preston Road, was in steep decline 2000s. Plans for demolition and redevelopment of the property were first announced in 2012, but efforts were on hold for years with limited demolition taking place. Demolition of the three remaining anchor stores was underway in 2019, when most of the photos on this page were taken. The central mall structure was still intact as of September 2020. The planned the new development on the property is called Park Heritage.
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High resolution This June 2009 photo looks west, showing Valley View Mall in the middle right side of the photo. The main part of the mall is bright white. Macy's is the upper left anchor (with arches), Sears is lower left, Dillards is lower right, and JCPenney is mostly hidden at upper right. (Photo date: 23-June-2009)
The Valley View sign was still in place along Interstate 635 in September 2020. (Photo date: 7-Sept-2020)
The exterior of the Macy's store featured a colorful mosaic. This building was originally a Sanger-Harris store, and at least two other mall department stores in North Texas had a very similar design with arches and mosaics, including Collin Creek Mall and North Hills Mall in Fort Worth. The North Hills Mall store was demolished in 2007, and the Collin Creek Mall store is slated for demolition as of May 2019. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
Another view of the Macy's mosaic. (Photo date: 3-July-2016)
Demolition of Macy's was in progress in April 2017. This was the first phase of demolition, before demolition efforts went on a 2-year hiatus. (Photo date: 8-April-2017)
Macy's closer view. (Photo date: 8-April-2017)
The west side of the Macy's building. (Photo date: 8-April-2017)
Macy's demolition in July 2017. (Photo date: 1-July-2017)
Macy's demolition. (Photo date: 1-July-2017)
This view shows the Sears store in July 2017. The Sears store opened in 1965, 8 years before the mall opening in 1973. (Photo date: 1-July-2017)
Sears demolition in May 2019 (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
Sears demolition, with the new development depiction on the foreground fence. (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
Sears demolition (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
The anchor store on the northwest side of the mall was originally a Bloomingdales, and became a JCPenney in 1996. (Photo date: 1-July-2017)
High resolution Demolition of the JCPenney (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
Looking south, with the JCPenney site on the right and Dillards site on the left. (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
High resolution Looking southwest, with the Dillards site on the left and JCPenney site on the right. (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
High resolution This April 2017 view looks north on the east side of the mall. The brown brick structure on the right was Dillards. (Photo date: 8-April-2017)
Dillards demolition (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
Dillards demolition (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
The mall structure including the AMC cinema remained intact in May 2019. (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
Mall entrance (Photo date: 25-May-2019)
Looking west on the northeast side of the property, showing the remaining central core of the mall in September 2020. (Photo date: 7-Sept-2020)
Looking north at the remaining structure in September 2020. (Photo date: 7-Sept-2020)