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Page last updated or reviewed: Created December 19, 2007. Reviewed June 1, 2015
2015 update: The only major change since these photos were taken in 2007 is the installation of a concrete barrier in the median. Otherwise these images remain accurate depictions in 2015.
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High resolution Looking northeast at Las Vegas Trail. The Lake Worth bridge is just ahead. (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
Underneath the Lake Worth bridge (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
Just north of the lake, southwest-bound motorists can just get a glimpse of the Joint Reserve Base. (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
Looking northeast at Azle Avenue. (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
High resolution Looking east along the frontage road at Huffines Blvd (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
Looking east at Old Decatur Road (Photo date: 29-April-2007)