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Surely many folks with memories of the inside of the jail were glad to see it demolished.
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High resolution This is the Suzanne L. Kays detention center as viewed from the Spur 366 right-of-way. The freeway extension proceeded straight ahead, requiring demolition of the building. (Photo date: 28-Oct-2006)
High resolution A closer view of the building. (Photo date: 28-Oct-2006)
The building entrance (Photo date: 28-Oct-2006)
High resolution The building is named for Suzanne Lee Kays, a Dallas County deputy who died in the line of duty on January 4, 1989, six days after graduating from the academy. (Photo date: 28-Oct-2006)
Directional sign to the jail. (Photo date: 28-Oct-2006)
Fuel station on Beckley, on the west side of the Trinity River (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
Structure along Beckley (Photo date: 29-April-2007)