Site of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, 2007
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Surveyor's stakes on the west levee (Photo date: 02-June-2007)
Looking south along the west levee, showing more surveyor's stakes on the inside of the levee (Photo date: 02-June-2007)
Looking east with the bridge path straight ahead (Photo date: 02-June-2007)
Looking from the Continental Street bridge, with the Trinity River in the foreground. (Photo date: 02-June-2007)
This shows the original terminus of the freeway at Industrial Boulevard, prior to the construction of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge. (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
This is the Trinity River at the bridge location. The Margaret Hunt Hill bridge now crosses at the location of the dead tree on the left bank. (Photo date: 29-April-2007)
This looks south along the eastern levee where the bridge was built. (Photo date: 02-June-2007)