Page last updated or reviewed: Created December 15, 2007. Last updated June 1, 2015 (review only)
2015 update: Changes have been minimal and these photos are still accurate depictions. 2007 was an outstanding year for bluebonnets along Spur 408, as the photos below show.
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Looking north along the overpass at Interstate 20, which crosses from left to right in the photo. (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
High resolution A field of bluebonnets in the median just north of I-20. (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
High resolution (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
At Keist (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
Just west of Spur 408 at Keist is the Potter's House, congregation of T.D. Jakes (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
High resolution North of Keist (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
Northbound traffic approaching Loop 12 just ahead (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)
High resolution Southbound traffic at Loop 12 (Photo date: 15-Apr-2007)