S.M. Wright Freeway Removal
A new boulevard will replace it
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Page last updated or reviewed: September 29, 2021 (created June 23, 2021)
The new connection to Interstate 45 opened in July 2020. Work could then start on the freeway removal. The freeway is being replaced with a six-lane, architecturally-enchanced boulevard. These images start at the south end and proceed northward.
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High resolution Looking north at Elsie Faye Heggins street. The overpass and embankment are removed, and the pavement for the replacement street is in place. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
Looking north at Pine Street. The overpass and embankment are removed. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
Looking north at Pine Street. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
The freeway was still open going northbound north of Pine Street in June 2021. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
Going northbound on the freeway main lanes. The southbound lanes at this location are permanently closed. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
The next crossing is at Metropolitan Avenue. This overpass is still intact. It is in use by northbound traffic but is closed to southbound traffic. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
Driving northbound on the main lanes. Ahead the closure of the southbound lanes is visible. This view features an old design light fixture with support rods. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
In the southbound direction, traffic is forced to exit at the Metropolitan Avenue exit. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
(Photo date: 19-June-2021)
High resolution Looking north, north of Metropolitan Avenue (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
The Pennsylvania Avenue overpass remains intact and is still in use by both directions of traffic in June 2021. (Photo date: 19-June-2021)
High resolution This view looks north, north of Pine Street, showing an orphaned on-ramp sign. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)
In September 2021 both directions of traffic were on the west side of the corridor. Ahead, the freeway main lanes were still open to traffic. (Photo date: 25-Sept-2021)