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2018 status: Views of the freeway are still accurate as of February 2018. The new freeway connecting IH 45 to US 175 at SH 310 should open in 2018, and then work will begin to remove the S.M. Wright Freeway.
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The north section of US 175 is also known as Central Expressway and the S.M. Wright Freeway.East of Central Expressway the freeway is the C.F. Hawn Freeway. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
(Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution This is near the north terminus of the freeway with Interstate 45 just ahead. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Here the freeway passes through a neighborhood, which is a run-down low-income area. This is the onramp at Metropolitan. This section of freeway will be removed and replaced with an arterial street, with work starting in 2018 or 2019. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
North of Metropolitan Street the frontage roads are shaded by a tree canopy. This is quite unusual for a frontage road. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
Boarded-up building along the freeway. This is a low-income area. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
This is the Ghetto Club, located at the "Dead Man's Corner" intersection with SH 310. The building was in the path of the new freeway alignment, and it was cleared in 2015. (Photo date: 14-Feb-2015)
Seeing the Ghetto Club from the freeway, I always thought it was a bar. But it is actually a pool hall which serves barbeque. (Photo date: 11-Jan-2014)
Some of the text on the Ghetto Club exterior includes "No drinking, no drugs, no loitering, no weapons". (Photo date: 11-Jan-2014)
This is the site of the Ghetto Club in March 2016. Construction at this location was underway later in 2016. (Photo date: 26-Jan-2016)
Just south of the Ghetto Club is the House of Jock. I don't know what kind of business this was, but even if it was still open, I would not have gone inside! The property was acquired as part of the project but as of this April 2017 photo the building remained intact. (Photo date: 26-Jan-2016)
This property just west of Dead Man's Corner was boarded up in January 2014, awaiting removal for clearance of the corridor for the new freeway alignment. (Photo date: 11-Jan-2014)
Looking northbound at Lake June road. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Looking northwest at Lake June road, with the downtown skyline in the distance. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Roadside at Masters Road. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution South of Interstate 20, looking toward the interchange. This interchange was dedicated on January 7, 1972. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Looking northbound at Silverado road. The freeway is reduced to four main lanes (two each way) south of Interstate 20. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Looking northbound at Simonds road. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)
High resolution Looking northbound at FM 1389. (Photo date: 15-April-2007)