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Page last updated or reviewed: Created November 13, 2007. Updated February 8, 2018
2018 update: Changes to the US 287 corridor have been minimal since these photos were taken in 2007, so these are still accurate depictions.
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Near Turner-Warnell (Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
Near Russell-Curry (Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
Near Sublett (Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
North of Sublett (Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
Approaching I-20 (Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
(Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
Northbound US 287 traffic merges with I-20 and follows I-20 to I-820, where US 287 turns north onto I-820. (Photo date: 27-Oct-2007)
This is on the section which is shared with I-820. US 287 exits to the left ahead. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
Ahead is the split where 287 returns to its own dedicated freeway. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
On the connector at the split with I-820. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
Just east of I-820, with the Village Creek overpass ahead. From this point to I-30, the freeway has six main lanes (three each way), and frontage roads exist along most of the length. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
Approaching Rosedale (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
(Photo date: 8-June-2007)
I-30 is just ahead. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
On the overpass over I-30, looking westbound along I-30. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)
US 287 traffic exits to I-35W northbound. Traffic continuing into downtown Fort Worth follows TX 280, shown here. (Photo date: 8-June-2007)