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Page last updated or reviewed: February 2, 2018 (review only)
2018 status: Changes have been minimal since these photos were taken and these photos are still up-to-date.
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(Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
High resolution Looking east from the Big Town road overpass (Photo date: 25-Feb-2007)
Looking west at Gus Thomasson (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
The four-level interchange at Interstate 635. This interchange opened with the opening of I-635 on Aug 5, 1970. (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
High resolution Looking west from Galloway, just east of I-635 (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
The antique guardrail on the Galloway bridge shows the age of the bridge, which was completed in 1956. (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
High resolution Looking west, west of Collins (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
Looking west at East Fork (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
Looking west from the FM 740 overpass in Forney (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
A miniature Statue of Liberty replica along the highway in Forney (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)