Chisholm Trail Parkway opening
May 10, 2014
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The opening event for the Chisholm Trail Parkway on May 10, 2014, featured walks, runs and bicycle events on the toll road main lanes. The weather was perfect and thousands of people attended, making it the largest-ever highway opening event in Fort Worth and among the largest in North Texas freeway history.
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The front page from the official event e-brochure.
The second page from the official event e-brochure, showing the running and cycling events.
High resolution A formal ceremony was held on the Edwards Ranch Road bridge before the bicycle events. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price welcomed the crowd. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
The running events took place before the formal ceremony. In this view, people gather at the start line east of Edwards Ranch Road. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
Runners proceed across the start line. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
High resolution There were enough people to fill up the main lanes all the way to Arborlawn, more than a mile away. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
Here runners are on the Trinity River bridge, on the return trip back to the event area. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
At the finish line. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
High resolution Hundreds of bicylists gathered on Edwards Ranch Road before the start of the cycling events. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
The staging area for the bicycle event. To reach the start line, runners and bicyclists went under the bridge and then to the right up the ramp about a quarter mile. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
Bicyclists gather at the start line. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
(Photo date: 10-May-2014)
Looking north from the Arborlawn overpass. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
High resolution Looking south from the Arborlawn overpass, with the I-20 interchange in the distance. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
News report (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
The Sean Russell Band provided entertainment. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)
Site plan for the opening event. The crowd was so large that the designated parking filled up, and a field south of Clearfork Main Street was also used for parking. (Photo date: 10-May-2014)