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Spur 408 Patriot Parkway
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Driving northbound north of Keist, 1-April-2007
NamedPatriot Parkway
In recognition of the nearby Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.
Naming approved by the Texas legislature in 1997 and officially named in January 1998.
CompleteEntire freeway completed in 1976.
Interchange at I-20 fully complete circa 1991
Quick Info Spur 408 forms the southwest section of the Dallas freeway loop. The freeway is nicely designed on a very wide right-of-way; however, it lacks frontage roads. As of 2007, the area around Spur 408 remains semi-rural.

The Spur 408 Freeway was approved by the Texas Highway Commission (now the Texas Transportation Commission) in April 1965. This was shortly after the approval of Interstate 20 on the south perimeter of Fort Worth by the federal government in October 1964.

The freeway was planned and designed in the late 1960s to early 1970s, an era when very wide rights-of-way were included in freeway designs. Interstate 635 between I-35E and DFW Airport was also planned in this era and has similar design characteristics.

The freeway was completed in 1976. The extension over Interstate 20 to connect to Clark Road appears to have been completed circa 1991. The freeway does not have frontage roads, and is still in its originally configuration with three lanes in each direction.